Diigo Group for Academic Librarians

In my social media class we’ve been learning about curation tools like Tumblr, Pinterest, Diigo, and Scoop.it and for one assignment we’ve chosen a curation platform and started curating resources about a topic that is of interest to us personally or professionally.

Diigo Library ScreenshotMy curation has centered on academic libraries in the areas of teaching information literacy, flipped classrooms, digital literacy, and digital humanities initiatives. One key aspect of curation tools though is that they’re social, and you get more out of them when more people in your community use them. (Facebook would be no fun without friends.)

One of the affordances of Diigo is the ability to create groups, and then to share the resources you personally curate with the members of a group. While I’ve been able to find resources that other academic librarians have shared, there didn’t seem to be a space to share with each other. So I went ahead and created a group, Academic Librarians, and I’m hoping that other academic librarians will join. Hope to see you over there!

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