Content Strategy & Writing

I have 14 years experience as a writer and content strategist and my style tends toward straightforward and informational—a mix of my journalism, corporate, and academic backgrounds. While I started out in internal communications where my responsibilities ran the gamut from newsletter articles to event planning, I gradually moved into copywriting and marketing communications with an advertising edge. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of website and social media work, planning information architecture, developing content strategy, and writing the website content. These are some of my most recent content strategy and writing projects.

Van Pelt Library Facebook & Twitter Presence

Humans of Van Pelt

As part of my internship at Penn I’m helping to develop and execute the social media strategy for Van Pelt library, which supports the humanities and social sciences as well as the graduate school of education. Our goal is to extend the library community beyond the physical walls while helping students to learn more about our resources and services while giving them helpful tips along the way. View the Facebook page. View the Twitter feed.



New Jersey Environmental Digital Library (NJEDL) Flyer

NJEDL FlyerNJEDL wanted to recruit more partners from around the state to preserve their organizations documents and provide wider reach to the public. They needed a print piece that they could bring along to speaking engagements or share via mail or email that would let interested organizations know the benefits of working with NJEDL.

I had several meetings with the staff at NJEDL to find out the things that they most wanted people to know and nail down the primary features of the website and the benefits to all stakeholders. Once we had a solid messaging statement, I wrote drafts and worked with the staff on revisions. I also managed a graphic designer who laid out the content.

Princeton University Career Services Website

Princeton Career Services HomepagePrinceton University Career Services was redesigning its 350+ page website and migrating to a Drupal platform. The marketing and communications director also wanted to revise the site structure and content, updating and streamlining the information for all of the audiences, including undergraduate and graduate students, employers, faculty/staff, and parents.

I came on board as a freelance digital content strategist, writer, and editor working with the team to revise the site structure. I worked closely with the head of marketing and communications in Career Services as well as the university’s web development team to develop the site architecture, content, and user interactions. View the website.

LIS Website Articles