Integrated Campaigns

The TOEFL Test Ultimate English Quiz-a-Thon

Task: The TOEFL test was looking for ways to increase student engagement in India with a fun event. Once they decided to host a roadshow quiz at nearly 14 different locations, our team was asked to create a campaign of promotional materials and event materials.

My involvement: I worked closely with a designer to concept various event names and looks. Once the client client selected a concept, and we applied the look to the different campaign components and developed copy. The components included: a mobile flatbed kiosk and booth panels, Facebook posts for before, during, and after the events, flyers and transit posters.

Result: This was a wildly successful event with tens of thousands of people attending over the two-week period we held the event.


GRE Register Easy

Task: To increase registration, the client wanted to remove a barrier to the process—providing customer service right at the point of need. To do this, they held an event entirely on Facebook where as people were registering for the test, they could post their questions on Facebook and a registration expert would help them in real time with their issue.

My involvement: I worked with the design team to create several concepts, and after concept selection, I developed copy for the campaign assets, including Facebook posts, Facebook event copy, Facebook icons, and banner ads.

Result: Registrant feedback was overwhelmingly positive about how the brand helped them through what can be a tricky process. The client decided to hold more events since the first one was so successful.