Social Media

TOEFL Sina Weibo

Task: Sina Weibo is a microblog site in China akin to Twitter in the U.S. TOEFL wanted to engage with its audience in China through Sina Weibo with two posts of original content per day.

My involvement: I developed a content calendar for three months at a time, with two posts per day, which is roughly 120 posts per content calendar cycle. For many of the posts I researched articles, inspirational quotations, English grammar exercises and wrote quiz questions or linked to relevant content that our users might find engaging. I wrote all of the posts in English, and then our team in Beijing translated them into Mandarin.

Result: Our page has more than 55,000 followers who are actively engaged with reposting our content.

TOEFL China Blog

Task: In addition to the Sina microblog, ETS wanted to engage with it audience through longer form social media as a weekly blog.

My involvement: Each quarter, I researched various articles, websites, and English-language learning activities that would could write about. I then created a content outline of each post, which was approved by the client, and then I wrote each post, which was translated into Chinese by a partner company.