Princeton University Career Services

Task: Princeton Career Services HomepagePrinceton University Career Services was redesigning its 350+ page website and migrating to a Drupal platform. The marketing and communications director also wanted to revise the site structure and content, updating and streamlining the information for all of the audiences, including undergraduate and graduate students, employers, faculty/staff, and parents.

My involvement: I came on board as a freelance digital content strategist, writer, and editor working with the team to revise the site structure. I worked closely with the head of marketing and communications in Career Services as well as the university’s web development team to develop the site architecture, content, and user interactions.

Educator Licensure

ETS Educator Licensure Webpage

Product/Task: In addition to the Praxis Series assessments, ETS also offers a comprehensive suite of both out-of-the-box and customized educator licensure products. This website communicates the options available as well as innovation in progress.

My involvement: I collaborated with the strategy and account teams to develop the content hierarchy and flow. I then wrote all of the content and worked with the design team to create the content for the map on the home screen. I also presented this project to the client at various stages of proposal and completion.

Visit the Educator Licensure website.


Product/Task: The TOEFL ITP Assessment Series was a new product in the TOEFL line aimed at English-language schools for classroom use. As part of the product launch, we created a new website for English-language schools to learn more about the assessment series.

My involvement: As the content creator, I developed the content hierarchy and content outline and wrote the website content using prescribed wireframes as a guide. I also presented this project to the client at various stages of proposal and completion.

Visit the TOEFL ITP website.